Saturday, 28 June 2014

Jawhar Sircar, CEO, Prasar Bharati will be participating in Global Media Forum 2014-Bonn-a media summit on “The Future of Journalism and the Role of International Broadcasters”

Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster is hosting Global Media Forum 2014, a three-day international media congress, and Prasar Bharati is proud to be invited to participate in this august gathering of the best minds from reputed broadcasting organisations from across the globe. In fact, Prasar Bharati is only one of the two broadcasters from the developing world to what is effectively a ‘First-World event’ (the other being Al Jazeera).

Global Media Forum 2014 will be held in Bonn, Germany from 30th June to 2nd July 2014, and the theme year is: ”From Information to Participation: Challenges for  the Media”. Prominent guest speakers, including Google critic Jeff Jarvis, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier will debate and discuss how media is participating in the global trend towards greater active participation, community involvement and interest in political processes and decision-making. The discussions at GMF 2014 is bound to have far-reaching points of relevance for macro-visioning and formulation of media policy across the globe (for further details on the participants, speakers and themes at GMF 2014, please visit

Jawhar Sircar, CEO, Prasar Bharati will be participating in a media summit on The Future of Journalism and the Role of International Broadcasters. The discussion will be moderated by former BBC newscaster Tim Sebastian. The Summit will debate whether conventional media will be able to retain its position in this converged digital world where the lines between commentary and traditional journalistic reporting have been blurred., how international broadcasters can contribute to global diversity, how information services are likely to look like in the future, etc.

You can follow GMF14 live on twitter (@DW_GMF)

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