Monday, 23 July 2018

Message on #NationalBroadcastingDay by DG AIR, Shri F. Sheheryar

National Broadcasting Day recounts origin of sound broadcasting in India & evolution thereof to serve multitudes who couldn't have witnessed green & white revolution enriching parts of society that eventually added substantially to the Gross Domestic Product especially in those parts of India  which are  known & admired as affluent. 

Sound Broadcasting or All India Radio assumed multifarious responsibilities of propagating, popularizing & conserving heritage in all its hues. Today, if World pays obeisance to India, it's largely for the glory transmitted & interpreted by AIR to the world that is sharply divided by geographies, religions,languages & starkly different life- styles.
AIR was born & it quickly shot up to serve as umbrella not only over ABU, AIBD but EBU, ASBU etc 
God has been kind which is why we find hordes of admirers in the seven continents irrespective of diplomatic acrimony with a handful of them. AIR is & has always been a true mirror that portrays India in its actual shape & stature.

May God continue to bless AIR.

F. Sheheryar
Director General, All India Radio

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