Monday, 9 July 2012


Mr. Nasrullah Md. Irfan, Director, Liaison, Bangladesh Betar, Dhaka, Bangladesh was awarded a Travel Bursary by the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA) to visit All India Radio, Delhi & Kolkata in connection with a Project on HIV/AIDS recently. He was in Delhi for 4 days. He met high officials of All India Radio and spent a good amount of time with Ms. T. Dolkar, ADG(NR & ESD), Sh. L. S. Bajpai, SD, AIR, Delhi, Sh. P. S. Thapliyal, PEX and Sh. R. K. Sharma, Coordinator, AIR, Delhi. His smooth visit to Delhi was coordinated by Sh. Parvesh K. Ankar, Coordinator, International Relations, DG:AIR, New Delhi.

After reaching Dhaka, Mr. Nasrullah Md. Irfan has expressed his thanks to all the concerned  in AIR who helped him making his visit a success.

Here are some glimpses of his visit to All India Radio, Delhi:




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  1. Its really a great occasion for Akashvani.Thanks to all our colleagues. Akashvani, Delhi is doing lot of work in developing good relation with neighbouring countries. But sadly the same is not reported anywhere in the main stream news papers or TV channels including our own DD. We should request higher officials of PB for simulcasting important programmes ,events, interviews with famous personalities by having better inter departmental coordination.