Friday, 20 November 2015

Akashvani Annual Awards 2014 declared

The Director General, All India Radio, Shri F Sheheryar declared the results of the Akashvani Annual Awards 2014 at All India Radio’s Headquarters in Delhi today.

The prizes were announced at a well-attended function held in the premises of Akashvani Bhavan at the conclusion of a five-day screening session of entries received from AIR stations nationwide.

Instituted in 1974 with a view to promote professional excellence and to bring out the best from the staff working in AIR’s vast network of radio stations and installations, the prizes are awarded annually.

For the year 2014 a total of 128 entries in 12 categories were screened by a jury comprising a galaxy of eminent experts and veteran broadcasters. The Awards are given for outstanding radio plays, documentaries, innovative programmes, musical productions, programmes on science, family welfare, agriculture and so on. There are prizes for best programme on national integration and best programmes for women, youth and children.

The award winning programmes reflect the efforts that go into projecting the country and its abiding values and culture.The Director General commenced his speech on a nostalgic note, harking back to the days when All India Radio as well as Doordarshan were not so advanced in technology but richer in content. He attributed this to reasons “like 23 years of a kind of holiday, not only in recruitment but also in departmental promotions which have resulted in disgruntlement across the board.” Other reasons touched upon included how radio came to be regarded as deprioritised when television arrived, but this happened only in South Asia.

Shri Sheheryar, however, concluded his speech on an optimistic note. “Things are changing and things are changing fast”, he said. “We are resuscitating ourselves, we will rejuvenate and incentivise our professionals…the glory which appears to be dormant will surely appear de novo,” he added.
The DG referred to Prasar Bharati’s herculean efforts in the direction of FMisation which will cover shadow areas created by ailing MW and SW networks. He also apprised the audience of Prasar Bharati’s remarkable and recent achievement in getting professional manpower recruited for the programme and technical wings of the organization despite overwhelming odds. “AIR will now render yeoman service in transforming the world’s largest middle class society in the days to come,” he added on a note of satisfaction.

The topic for the “Special Topic Documentary” category for the Akashvani Annual Awards 2015 was declared on the occasion by Shri O R Niazi, Consultant at the Directorate General of AIR, as “Eternal Vigilance is the Price for Liberty”.

Members of the jury offered valuable and insightful suggestions and advice on the future roadmap for broadcasting.

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