Saturday, 28 May 2016

Star India loses to Prasar Bharati, Private Broadcaster will share clean feed

Prasar Bharati

27th May 2015: Today, Supreme Court dismissed an appeal filed by Star India against a judgment of the Delhi High Court in a dispute regarding nuances of feed sharing with Prasar Bharati.
As per the rules, private broadcasters have to share feed of sporting events of national importance with Prasar Bharati.

Prasar Bharati had demanded such feed given to them by broadcasters like Star India, should be free from any advertisemnts or logos. Star India had contented that they can only remove the advertisement inserted by them and not the logos etc which organisers like ICC or BCCI inserts or embeds. Star India was represented by Dr. A.M. Singhvi and his team of lawyers.

After this new judgment, private broadcasters will now have to share raw/ clean feed with Prasar Bharati that will be free from all commercials and other logos.

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