Saturday, 16 July 2016

Yes, she can move mountains! Meet Saachi Soni


“Because mountaineering is a way of life for me”, says 22 year old Saachi Soni, the first Indian Women participant who will be representing India in the La Ultra—The High Ultra Marathon in Leh this year.  La Ultra – The High is an ultra-marathon which unlike other marathons is a more cruel and hard one to take part in. La Ultra gives you the highest temperature variation like no other. This marathon will be conducted in Ladakh.
Ladakh, a Trans Himalayan region in northern India is a cold high altitude desert. Temperatures here in August can fluctuate from 40 Degree C hot to MINUS 12 C cold in matter of 6 hours. You will touch altitudes of 17,500 feet 3 times in the 333 Km category, 2 times in 222 Km & once in the 111 Km category. Saachi is a participant in the 111km category, wherein she will be running through the limits of human endurance, both mental & physical.
Saachi, an outgoing student of Post Gradate Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, started off with her journey at the age of 7, when she explored her interest of mountaineering and adventure sports. She is no stranger with scaling peaks.   She scaled North America’s Mt Mckinley (Denali), one of the 10 most dangerous mountains in the world in 2015.
Following are the expeditions she has participated in and won laurels for the nation:

  • Saachi is the youngest Indian person to scale Australia’s 10 highest (75km hike) peaks in just 2.5 days.
  •   Youngest Indian woman to scale Europe's highest peak Mt. Elbrus. (Caucasus Range).
  •  Have Scaled Peak in Indian Himalayas- Gharwal , Sikkim , Spiti and Himachal.
  •  Mt. Deo Tibba 6001m
  •   Mt. Everest 2013 (south col)
  •  Mt. Corner peak 6050m
  •  Mt. Renok summited twice (Winter Ascent)
  •  Mt. VC Roy 19,500ft
  •  Mt. Bandarpoonch 6316m.
  •  Mt. Mckinley , North America's Highest peak
Water sports Basic course- Kayaking, Canoeing , sailing, water surfing, water search and rescue etc.
Snow Skiing- Gulmarg and Manali.

Indian Institute of Mass Communication played an important role in preparing Saachi for the La Ultra Marathon. “DG IIMC K.G Suresh and the institute has been of great help, they have supported me throughout the preparation for this marathon, which is an ultra-marathon.”, says Saachi, when asked about her alma mater, IIMC.
When asked about her inspiration in life she said, “I love getting on mountains, and now it is a way of life for me, that has inspired me throughout”. Saachi has taken training sessions for this marathon, with her regular sessions of 6 hours of running, and workout at Khajan Singh Stadium.
In her message to the nation as a closing remark, Saachi said, “we young people should always follow our inner call, as we are capable of marvellous works to do in life”, “don’t follow others but always follow yourself”.  All India Radio wishes this strong youth icon of India, all the very best for this marathon and life ahead.

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