Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Message from Sh. LD Mandloi

Message from Sh. LD Mandloi .... 
Dear Friends,
After serving Akashvani & Doordarshan for the last 37 years, I am demitting office on superannuation on 31-10-2013. I am proud to say that I was fortunate to serve this historic organization for four decades at different stations where I got your trust and support on every step due to which I could succeed in bringing creativity & innovation in my work. I am thankful to all of you from core of my heart.
As a broadcaster and creative person, I enjoyed my work in Akashvani & Doordarshan and it gave me immense satisfaction and all of you played a vital role. I once again express my thanks and wish happy and prosperous life for you and your family members. Keep your participation in the role of India’s Public Service Broadcaster and popularity of AIR & Doordarshan.
I also take this opportunity to wish all of you HAPPY DEEPAWALI.
With best wishes,

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