Thursday, 21 August 2014

Doordarshan organises ABU-Robocon 2014 International Contest In Pune on 24th August,2014

Doordarshan is organising ABU-Robocon  2014 at Balewadi Sports Complex, Pune. This year's theme being "A Salute to the Parenthood". Teams will be developing a parent robot and a child robot and taking them to a park to play games like See-saw, Swing, Pole walk and Jungle gym. Teams from seventeen countries will be participating.

Rules about the contest will be found in the PDF attached below

The theme on Parenthood is chosen to portray the significance of the physical and emotional support as well as the social and intellectual development that parents bring about in their children. Parenthood bestows a wide range of experiences that offer love, security, stimulation, encouragement and opportunities to help a child flourish and grow to achieve its full potential. To know more about the contest, check this video here- 

The contest will be telecast live by DD Sahaydri and DD Sports on 24th August,2014 from 9.00 A.M.The opening ceremony will also be telecast live by DD1.

For more information please visit the website:

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