Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Belgium beat India by 2-1: First loss for India in the series

Indian Hockey team suffered their maiden loss of the tournament on June 13 in London at the Hockey Champions Trophy when Belgium won the game by 2-1, edging Indian team out, in their close encounter.
It was though a close game, as in the beginning of the game itself, Belgium attacked and took a toll by their first minute penalty corner. The teams went into the break with 0-0.
With their tremendous defending, Belgium scored in the 25th minute of the game, and took the lead but India equalized in the 2nd quarter when there were just 40 seconds left.
The third quarter being the deciding yardstick, was played on an even ground, as both the teams were on 1-1. Belgium in the second last minute of the third quarter scored by Jerome Truyens.
Though India tried hard for an equalizer in the final quarter, Belgium held on to their lead of 1, and made India suffer their first loss in the tournament. It was the first time India had gone down by a goal in the tournament. 

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