Thursday, 3 July 2014

New developments in the pipeline at All India Radio

  1. All India Radio has a plan to simulcast primary channel signal on FM transmitters to cover the shadow areas and provide the signal that is crystal clear.
  2.  Prasar Bharati has also recruited quite a good number of Programme Planners, Producers and Transmission Executives who are likely to start conceiving planning and producing innovative programmes of public service significance across the network.
  3.  In a situation when the organisation had been facing difficulties on account of over two-decade long recruitment holiday especially in respect of the professional man-power, stalemate has now broken to reinvigorate the services.
  4.  AIR also has a plan to install necessary infrastructure for cross-border communication on India’s borders which will further establish All India Radio’s phenomenal reach domestically and in the immediate neighbourhood.
  5.  The cluster of channels of AIR’s External Services Division is being live-streamed which will enable Indian diaspora across the world, foreigners with Indian origin and also non-Indians interested in Indian affairs to access AIR’s External Broadcast Channels through our website and mobile phones. 
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