Sunday, 21 September 2014

Director General,AIR starts radio conferencing to expedite administrative matters

Aiming to expedite communication on administrative and professional matters, public broadcaster All Radio (AIR) Saturday started radio conferencing from its headquarters here covering all stations under its network, a statement said.
This new initiative will enables the director general and other top officers of AIR to address all stations simultaneously at a fixed time on any day from their chambers.
The AIR statement said the facility has been extended simultaneously to all stations using AIR's own in house networking facility.
Distribution is through satellite INSAT-3C and/or GSAT 10 which are being used by AIR for its radio networking through 32 earth stations and over 200 receive stations spread across India.
"At state capitals and some important cities facilities of interaction have also been created," the statement added.
First radio conferencing in this respect was successfully organised Sep 18.
In future, this facility is proposed to be utilised extensively by the director general for speedy implementation of time bound schemes.

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