Monday, 5 October 2015

Akashvani presents Mann Ki Baat: Ek Saal Jan Judao Ka on 5th October 2015

Akashvani presents Mann Ki Baat: Ek Saal Jan Judao Ka on 5th October 2015

It was on 3rd October 2014, India’s oldest and the most credible medium, broadcast the first “Mann ki Baat”. It is a monthly broadcast by the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi. 

All India Radio is acknowledging such a huge fete of success of the aforesaid monthly show with a radio show captioned “Mann Ki Baat: Ek Saal Jan Judao Ka”. The programme is scheduled to be aired on 5th October, 2015 at 9:30 PM. The hour long extravaganza will be relayed by all capital AIR stations, all multi-channel stations, all FM Gold & FM Rainbow channels and Local Stations. The show will be also available via live streaming on and it can be also heard by downloading AIR’s mobile app available for Windows, Android or iOS platform.

Programme has been conceptualised by AIR, Delhi as a platform for myriad voices, ranging from the remotest outpost of the country to the heart of its capital to a diaspora viewpoint. It is scheduled under National Programme of Talks (Hindi), a weekly programme of talks and discussions on the National Channel. 

We are hopeful of presenting a bouquet of authentic voices from the rustic farmer to the erudite journalist and the suave cine-star in this attempt to reflect with authenticity what the public really expects from its Prime Minister.  We will be able to cull out the areas that people want the Prime Minister to focus on.  This programme will have elements of various radio formats such as Phone-in, Radio-Bridge, Vox populi etc. to showcase a participatory audio asset.  

The broadcast of the programme will be followed by an Audience Research survey to be carried out by 46 Units of Audience Research Units of AIR located at different places, in a manner that makes it cover varied linguistic and geographical zones of India.  This will accurately gauge the impact of one year of continuous personal contact of the Prime Minister of India with his people through various modes of dissemination.

Mann ki Baat is a monthly address to the people of India by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The show has once again connected people with the radio and made them realise its importance for such a vast country that resides not only in metros and cities but in remote corners of the villages and tribal areas, where satellite channels are yet to reach.  

AIR in its endeavour to maximise the reach of the programme, it broadcasts ‘Mann ki Baat’ in all regional languages apart from Hindi, Urdu and also in large number of dialects spoken in remote parts of India. Mann Ki Baat is vastest disseminated broadcast and reaches over 99% of India population through multifarious avenues as DTH, Live Streaming, Mobile Applications, Terrestrial as well as Satellite Channels. 

Beside above scheduled programme, AIR has already broadcast a special edition of much acclaimed programme Post Box 111 which is based on unprecendented inflow of letters/mails from listeners to All India Radio. It is broadcast every Sunday at 11 AM on FM Rainbow Network and the medium wave national hook-up, as part of commemoration of first anniversary.  This gala show was a recap of all episodes of both Mann Ki Baat and Post Box 111, with highlights of social issues covered in the last one year, a cross-sectional view so to speak into the mann of the Prime Minister and his target audience. 

 The programme was titled Mann Ki Baat : Aatmiya Samvaad Ka Ek Varsh

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