Monday, 26 September 2016

‘Akashwani’ comes on earth!

The mesmerising recital of top A Grade artists of AIR, Delhi and Mumbai was relished by the music lovers at Ravindra Bhawan on Saturday. It was part of concert ‘Akashwani Sangeet Sammelan 2016,’ organised by the Directorate General of All India Radio.

The programme began with the performance of flute player in AIR, Delhi Kailash Sharma. He started off with madhya laya in raag bageshree and rupak taal. It was followed with drut bandish in teen taal which enchanted the audience. After the melodious performance of Sharma, another Grade A vocalist of AIR Mumbai Saneev Chimlagi began with ‘bol de sanvron mann…,’ It was based on raag jhinjhoti and ek taal. He also presented songs like ‘Sanvarion ne mero mann sakhi har linho…,’ ‘papiha pukare pee piya…,’ ‘ritu aaye barkha ki…,’ and ‘mitva kit jaye re…,’ delighting the music lovers. It was based on raag maru vihag and kaushik rangini in teen, rupak and ek taal.  The concert concluded with the energetic recital of top grade tabla player from Delhi AIR Ustad Akram Khan. He presented teen taal which left the audience spellbound. Anvar Ahmed Khan, Station Director of Akaswani, Bhopal was present. The programme was conducted by senior announcer of the AIR, Bhopal Dr. Arvind Soni and stage in-charge was programme officer of Music Department Riyauddin Qureshi.

Source: Free Press Journal.

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