Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Akashvani to host monthly show:Childline goes on AIR for kids issues

Akashvani to host monthly show from April 13, where children can call in and talk about their problems; counsellors and experts will chair the programme.

The revelation of the repeated molestation of a three-and-half-year-old child from the city has once again thrown light on the rise in crimes against children, and with this has come the foreboding realisation that while a certain number of cases have received parental and police attention, there may remain many in which children are afraid or unable to speak out. 

The show will be accessible to people in rural and urban 
areas;according to Childline officials, cases of abuse in
 villages often go unreported

With this in view, the Dnyana Devi Childline, along with national public radio broadcaster Akashvani, will be starting a monthly phone-in programme to solve issues that children face. This programme will be pre-recorded and aired on the second Sunday of every month, starting April 13.

“Radio manages to reach even rural areas of India, so children in these areas too will be able to access the show. The programme will not only be a sounding board for children, but will also guide parents towards listening and dealing with such issues. Moreover, they will get to hear the problems of children from the kids themselves, instead of us telling them,” said Dr Anuradha Sahasrabuddhe, director, Dnyana Devi Childline.

As per existing records, in Pune, around 190 cases of crimes against children were registered in 2012. In 2013, this alarming figure rose to 328.

“There are often cases of incest in rural areas and not all are recorded with the police. The first few shows will be general, but subsequently, we plan to make it theme-based. We will also have experts for specific issues, as well as Balsena (peer group) members, since children will open up more easily to them,” added Sahasrabuddhe.

She further said that radio would have a wider reach than similar sessions conducted in schools.

Jyotsna Ketkar, programme executive at Akashvani, said, “These days, children face problems that are no less than those faced by than adults, and parents are sometimes not available to solve these issues. This programme will help create awareness. Questions will be answered by Childline counsellors and the child can choose not to reveal his/her identity.”

Those who wish to speak can call on 25531705/06. The dates for calling will be announced by Akashvani over the next few days.


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